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There, I think that got most people's attention.


That's right, you read the title. I am officially coming out as a Transgender Male after about 11 years c:

"Oh wow, that's cool!.. So what's that anyway?"

A Transgender Male is someone who was born a Female, but identifies themselves as a Male. Basically, a Man trapped in a Woman's body.
Look it up or something.

"But Tawny, how do you know this isn't just as phase?"

Well, if it is "just a phase" then I think it holds record for the longest phase of all time, since I've felt like I should have been born as a boy since I was a young child (4 years old, in fact)
And it was not reflected by my childhood either, since a majority of my friends were feminine and I looked up to my sister the most, so it's not like I 'chose' to wish I was a guy simply because my role-models and influences were male.

Also, although I was taught that it was natural to get confused with your identity during your teenaged years, I AM NOT CONFUSED.
Sorry for the caps, but I just want to get that out there. I've accepted and I'm confident about my gender, it's not as if I question who I am (I've never really questioned it in the first place anyway, I always knew)

"But Tawny, this changed everything you are!"

How does it? I've been this way for a majority of my life, I'm just telling you now because I didn't have a DA account when I was in Primary school ^^
So the Tawny you've known is still the same Tawny now, It's not as if I regenerated with a new personality.

"I go against everything you've said blah blah sin blah blah"

Good job I don't give a shit about your prejudice opinion then. Exit's that way and hope you have a nice day with your narrowed-minded brain. ^^
If God didn't approve of me like this, then he wouldn't have made me this way~

PS. Please don't tell me family I don't know how they'd react to me saying this D:

Lot's of love,


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Tawny (Nickname)/ 15/ Trans Male Asexual

Hello there! Call me Tawny or Dragonsong. I am 15 years old, and I love drawing, animals, MLP:FIM, Sherlock, pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Video Games, Pewdiepie, reading and writing.
I go to Highschool in Derbyshire, Britain.
If you have any requests I'd love to take them :)

2012 has been on hell of a year, especially 21st of February but I won't get into everything 'cause I'm not a drama queen. But I must admit that PewDiePie has helped me through a lot of things because he can make me laugh on the saddest of days and helps me remember that there are still amazing people out there. Brofist to you, Pewds!

I use:

Photoshop CC
MS Paint


List of websites and my Usernames

WarriorCatsRPG - FireblazeTheWarrior…

DeviantART - Dragonsong3

Youtube - EpicLolz549…

iBrony - Dragonsong…

Tumblr -Sherlock's Lullaby

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